A Woman’s Worth

I saw the movie “Joy” the other night and was re-inspired by Joy Mangano’s story of success. She’s made millions selling household items but what she really does is connect with and inspire other business women.

Karen Gordon, Author

In the movie The Devil Wears Prada the  main character, Andy rolls her eyes and dismisses the importance of one of her tasks because she considers fashion beneath her. She’s a writer and in her mind she is slumming in her job at a top fashion magazine because, well, it’s fashion. She sees it as all trivial female drivel until her boss puts her in her place. Andy gets a lesson in the fashion business, the magnitude of the finances involved, the millions of jobs it creates worldwide and its place as a creative outlet in society.

That scene stayed with me because it illustrated the way that business sectors that are mainly for and about women are often seen as trivial or less important to the economy than more male-dominated businesses. Even more frustrating was the fact that Andy had bought into this misogynistic, and often wrong, idea.


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