The Vivienne Series is complete on KU

Woo Hoo!! Vivienne has arrived, in full, her entire story, the whole enchilada, and…the best part…it’s all available to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Two years ago I started by wanting to create an unconventional female character–a young woman who is super smart, sensual, ambitious, and an introvert. I love the idea of blustery front men overlooking, then be bested by, an intelligent, quiet woman. My inspiration was Nimue, a character I met in Lavinia Collin’s books about the King Arthur legend. She emphasizes the female characters and I fell in love with Nimue–the sweet, young woman who secretly controls both Arthur and Merlin.

Starting in Fearless Flying you meet Vivienne (which is another name used for Nimue in some stories), an intelligent woman with a strong personality. She’s a bit of a bull-in-a-china-shop at this point, unsure how to use her strengths. In fact, her super organizing skills and drive work against her when she focuses on finding love.

Vivienne’s story comes from my love of female characters who live unconventional lives. As you read the series, her life takes off in unexpected directions that challenge her skills and force her to adapt and grow. In the end her happy ending looks nothing like she dreamed of in book one, it is out-of-the-ordinary to say the least.

If this sounds like your kind of adventure, click here to get your FREE copy of book 1, Fearless Flying.

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