Sample HiJack,coming 1/12/17

This Thursday, January 12th, I’m publishing the second book in the Vivienne Series, HiJack. I’m so excited to continue this fantastic chick lit, novella series. If you haven’t read book one yet, you can get it free today or on January 11th or 12th. (Here’s a link>

The entire series follows super-smart Vivienne as she aims to break through the glass ceiling of the private jet industry. She meets some fantastic characters along the way, including Joel Rockhurst, the CEO of JetStream Areospace (maker of high-end private jets). In the scene below Vivienne is called to have lunch with Mr. Rockhurst, something she finds really odd considering she’s only a secretary in the sales department.

Now I’m in Wonder Woman mode, ready to tackle…I have no idea. Lunch, that’s obvious, but why?

I finally opt for a business suit, but give it some key Vivienne touches. For one, I skip the shirt. A strategically placed safety pin keeps the neckline of my jacket exactly where I want it. It’s intriguing and I add my delicate gold necklace with the Irish goddess symbol charm to boost my powers. I’ll take all the help I can get today. I keep my makeup and jewelry simple to offset the sexy effect of no blouse. And, my pièce de la résistance—four inch heels. They’re classic pumps but with devilishly pointy toes that look like they could injure you. They will also make me exactly the same height as Joel Rockhurst. I checked online, he’s 6’2”.  It’s harder to be intimidating when you are eye to eye.


I feel fierce and ready for whatever he throws at me when I show up at Carolyn’s desk. She’s on her phone, but she smiles up at me and points to his door, indicating that I should go in. I smile back, suck in a deep breath and pull myself up to my full height before I open the door.

Joel Rockhurst looks like the CEO of a private jet company should, if you’re going by Hollywood standards anyway. He’s a sixty-three year-old silver fox, aging like Richard Gere or Kevin Costner—all distinguished and kinda sexy. He has the body of a man with a personal chef and a private trainer and just enough lines on his face to make it look like he hadn’t hit the Botox, yet. When I walk in, he’s also on the phone and fiddling with a golf club while he talks. He uses it to point to a chair in front of his desk, indicating that I should sit there. I sit on the edge. I don’t want to get comfortable until I know what this meeting is about.

As he finishes his call I study his office. Most of it is pretty generic for anyone in our industry–glamour shots of all the planes we make, awards for charity work, a few golf trophies. There are photos on his desk, probably of his family, but they’re facing away from me so I can’t scrutinize them. The décor says wealthy, but is more business than flash. Like him, it’s all understated. The desk alone probably costs more than my car, but it’s made to look more mundane and well-used.  There’s a marble-topped table next to my chair with two industry magazines and an interesting paper weight. I can’t resist the urge to turn it toward me.

As he hangs up, he catches me and smiles. “Welcome to my office, Ms. Ramsey. I’m glad you could make it.” He doesn’t stand up to greet me. He’s keeping it casual, except for my name.

“Thank you.” I smile back and try to look relaxed. I don’t let go of the paperweight but instead pick it up. “EPR gauge,” I note. I study the face further. “From a 1960’s model J2.”

He laughs and shakes his head. “I was right about you.”

Ok, that was cryptic. “Sir?” I have to know more. Right about me how?  

He pushes himself out of his chair and walks past me to the conference table at the far end of the room. “I hope you like chicken, Ms. Ramsey. I always have chicken on Mondays.”

What a perfect Joel Rockhurst statement. It sounds accommodating, but isn’t.

I shrug. “Chicken is great.” I stand and walk toward the table making sure I stand near him briefly and face him, eye to eye. He pulls the chair out for me and I sit. “Thank you.”

As he walks toward a bar cart he asks, “What can I get you to drink?”

I play it safe. “Water would be great.”

He returns with a glass of water for me and a glass of tea for himself. When he sets it down, I push a small plate containing lemon slices toward him and he nods. “You’re good.”

Ok, we’ve established that. I don’t think my nerves are showing, but my irritation might soon if he doesn’t get to the point.

He sits and immediately begins to cut his chicken and green beans. I follow suit. After chewing and swallowing his first bite, he finally gets to the point.

Joel will finally get to make his point this Thursday. Find out what brought Vivienne to this mysterious meeting by grabbing a FREE copy of Fearless Flying (book 1) here >

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Indie Gems

This past week was a great one to be an Indie author. It started with me participating in a birthday bash on the Pretty Little Pages blog. The creator, Kristen, was celebrating her own birthday by celebrating her favorite Indie authors. I was lucky enough to be one of them.(There is still a fantastic giveaway going on over there until September 2nd!)

Kristen is one of the somewhat rare group of reviewers who not only will accept and review self-published work, but she is actively promoting good Indie authors. She really is at the front of the pack doing work that takes more time and effort, but I believe, gives bigger rewards. Of the hundreds of review requests a blogger receives each week, many will be poorly edited books with weak story lines from self-published authors. There are a ton of them out there because it’s amazingly easy to put a book on Amazon. But hidden in this huge pile are a few real gems, books with strong stories, great characters, solid editing and a unique perspective. Kristen has taken the time and (huge) effort to find these. When you are looking for your next book, check out her blog for suggestions.

But being part of this esteemed group also made me remember one of the best reasons you should give Indie authors a try – we take risks, we present new and refreshing perspectives and unique stories. Publishing houses are not taking risks right now. Their hundreds-of-years-old business model is crumbling quickly in the electronic age and they are not about to invest time and money in anything unique, risky or different. They want tried, true, established, (cliche, formulaic). 

I started writing because I wanted to read something new. I love romance books, but I just couldn’t take one more syrupy-sweet heroine and her bad-boy (more like asshole) hero who try and sell me that they are in love when I’m getting chapter after chapter of nothing but descriptions about how hot they both are. I wrote the book I wanted to read. And so did a lot of other writers. And they are good. 

This week inspired me to keep writing, to get more connected to other Indie authors and keep building our community and to support the Indie authors that I love. From working with review blogs I’ve discovered a few gems myself. If you are looking for a Labor Day weekend read why not give one of these a try. And if you are as impressed as I was, please leave them a review and help spread the word.

Knockout by Tracey Ward.  I am only 40% into this book and it is my first by this author, but I am already impressed. I had to force myself to stop reading in order to write this post. It will be a struggle all day to keep myself from getting lost in this story. Fantastic drama, great characters, so far a good story line.


Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. This is a truly sweet love story that will not make you nauseous. The author manages to create a heart-warming, unique story that never crosses the line into sappy. Completely unique characters in a story that had me yelling at my kindle, hoping for a happy ending. 

Tangled by Emma Chase. This romance is completely written from the male perspective and its a good thing because if you didn’t know what was going on in this guy’s head you would hate him. As it is, you get a truly funny perspective on love and lust. The heroine is also one of my favorites. She is witty, smart, strong, real. 


Frenched by Melanie Harlow. I not only fell in love with these characters, I fell in love (again) with Paris. 

Happy Reading!