Is Pinterst Your New Google?

When I need to find a v-neck white blouse with a bow, I search Pintrest. If I have no clue what to make for dinner but I’ve got a pound of shrimp, I search Pintrest. More and more often I find myself frustrated with the search results I’m getting from Google or Bing but entirely happy with what I find on Pintrest. Why are so many others making this same switch?

While Pintrest doesn’t have the same saturation as Facebook or other social sites, yet, it is growing quickly both in the U.S. and internationally. Some still see Pintrest as a place to store some recipes or craft ideas, but it has become so much more. According to Penny Fox in an article on, “At it’s core, Pintrest is the place for people to plan and aspire about what they can do to enrich their lives.” So yes I have a board for recipes and one for crafts, but I have about thirty others too. I have quotes that inspire me, images and quotes that evoke the right mood for the novels I’ve written and pins that just make me think or laugh. So all the results I get when I search the site are important things that were worth saving to other people. I get search results with a personal touch.

In the article Ms. Fox also notes that understanding your search results on Pintrest is much easier because, “Most people are visual learners. We connect faster with images because it’s easier to scan visual search results over a list of text links.”

So on Pintrest my search for a blouse or recipe will net me images that I can scan to find what I am looking for. But the benefits don’t stop there. Once I find an image I like I can click on it and follow it to it’s source. More and more often that source is a retail site where I can purchase the item I want. Large retailers and one-woman Etsy shops are quickly tapping into the power of the Pintrest search and creating their own searchable pin boards.

But it’s when I am looking for ideas more than a specific item that Pintest far exceeds the other search engines. If I’m planning a cruise I can find ideas for things to pack, excursions in each port, hints from others who have already taken the trip, and pictures of the ship and ports. I can combine all of these and save them to a board that I create. When I’m ready to pack or book excursions,I can refer back to that board and easily find what I need (again, the images help a lot). Or, I can just look at them and dream (which is half the fun of planning a trip).

Finally, through my searching I can find others who share my interests and connect with them. Another feature that is not available on the big search engines. When I log onto Pintrest I see pins from people I follow, people I share interests with. The latest fall fashions, best healthy recipes, hottest pictures of beautiful men and uplifting quotes that speak to me are lined up on my home page and change often. It is easy to get pulled in and just keep scrolling and clicking and scrolling (you get the idea).

source: 5 Min for
source: 5 Min for

If you need a Euro to dollars conversion, go with google. The web address of your local dentist–bing it. But for most of life’s other dilemmas, I say, throw it up on Pintrest and see what comes up. I think you’ll be amazed at the results.

Is Pintrest your new go to search engine? What’s your favorite way to use Pintrest? As always I’d love to hear from you.