Fearless Flying Cover Reveal

Ok, you can go ahead and judge my book by its cover. Because today I revealed this absolutely beautiful cover created by the lovely, talented and ever-so-patient Rebecca Berto of Berto Designs. It took Rebecca and I several tries to find a look that said chick-lit and had the right energy AND could be translated into six more covers for the rest of the series. I admit, I also had some help from Whitney G, an author who definitely knows a thing or two about great covers. In the end we created a look that not only fits in the chick lit genre but is also warm and inviting and shows the determination of Vivienne, the main character, to take off on her life’s adventure.

So, without further ado…I present…Fearless Flying.

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Fearless Flying is scheduled to land

I can’t wait for you all to meet the smart, witty, sassy star of the hottest working-girl, chick lit book since Bridget Jones Diary. Fearless Flying will be landing on Amazon on November 3rd. If you can’t wait that long you can read an advanced copy for FREE by clicking here.


The Commercial vs Creative Conundrum

“Look, no one’s gonna buy it — no one.”

“No one in Middle America, anyway. That’s for sure.”

Sweetheart, it’s just not commercial!”

These are some of my favorite lines from the song “Putting it Together” on Barbara Streisand’s Broadway Album. I played the song yesterday while I was driving and sang along as loudly as I could. I felt that song and needed to belt it out because right now I’m caught in the same conundrum as the painter George Seurat that it was written about and Barbara Streisand–balancing being creative with being commercial. It seems the state of art has changed little since Seurat was around.

One of my goals in becoming an author was to push some boundaries and expand the scope of the romance genre. I had reached my limit of bad boys and good girls, slut shaming, and billionaires desperately looking for poor, clumsy dates. I wanted to read about smart, funny, edgy females and intelligent, kind, multi-dimensional men, so that’s what I wrote. That part was actually easy, it was once I published it that things got complicated.

Genres, tropes and archetypes exist for a reason. They give everyone involved in fiction shorthand to help authors find readers and readers find authors. It’s easy to find a new vampire, BDSM novel to read when you and the author use the same language (keywords) to define the story. But what happens when a writer goes against the grain, on purpose? There isn’t a category for good guys and the smart, sexual girls who love them. I truly believe that I’m not the only one who wants to read a story about them but finding the others has been…well…daunting.

It’s part of being indie. Whether you are a painter, writer, musician, screenwriter or designer–indie is supposed to be independent of commercial influence. Indie is innovative but indie can also be broke. So I’m now pushing my indie boundaries by trying to find my more commercial side.

This past week I started to work with a designer on the covers for my Vivienne Series. I had pictures in my mind that looked like cutting-edge advertising, very arty. I showed a creative friend who also happens to work as a web designer (commercial). Through her eyes I was able to see where my “cool” image could easily been read the wrong way. We discussed the plot of each book and she fed me ideas for much more literal images. Part of me mourned the death of edgy but I could see how her ideas clearly let readers know what kind of book each is and a little of what to expect. They will still be cool, but not at the expense of being clear. I love my books and I want to give them a fighting chance to find their audience.

In the next couple weeks I will be rolling out new, more commercial covers for my first two books then the first book in the Vivienne series. I can’t wait to share all of it and my journey to get there. If you’d like to join me behind the scenes and get a FREE copy of Fearless Flying – The Vivienne Series book 1, click here.

And let’s talk. Are you ready for good guys and smart, sexy women? What new story lines are you looking for? Comment below.


Cheap Reads

Not so long ago my buying order for books looked like this: check the library first, used bookstore second, kindle third. I knew I could find any book I wanted for my kindle, but it was always the most expensive option. 

It was only three or four years ago that most of the books I read were paperback. Now, I rarely pick up a real book and ebooks have become my first choice. Not only are books being released and new authors being published at a rate the library can’t begin to keep pace with, but all that competition has brought some aggressive price discounts to ebooks. 

I ran my first sale for the past two weeks on the first book in my Burnouts series and I discovered some great websites that will send you an email daily or weekly with a list of books in your favorite genre that are free or have been discounted–love it!! I found several books that were on my “to be read” list already and saved a few bucks on each. 

Here’s a few of the better organized sites that I found and subscribed to (for free, of course).

http://choosybookworm.com/ – I met the very helpful owner, Jay, through my promotion. (Amazingly patient man with new/lost authors). Not only do they have an extensive list of free and discounted books, they also offer a read to review program. You can sign up for a free copy of a new book from an author in exchange for agreeing to give a review. It’s a great place to find new, exciting authors and give them a boost (because we LIVE for reviews).

readcheaply.com – This site has several subcategories for romance books, but covers all other genres too. I also like that you can specifically request only deals for kindle or nook or whichever device works for you.

https://www.bookbub.com – This is the largest site for free and discounted books, but it is also very expensive for an author to place a book on their list so many newer authors cannot afford to use this option. It’s a great place to find deals on older books from established authors or discounts from established authors. 

Although I write in the romance genre, all these sites have books listed in every genre including kids books. Don’t forget that you can gift books through Amazon to someone’s email address. It’s a great way to share your favorite books with friends and family for free or a dollar or two (and no shipping!)

Popstars, Friends & Lovers are Headed Your Way

So, this was me on Friday.

I finished the first draft of Popstars, Friends & Lovers: a dreamer’s tale. I’ve been writing like a woman possessed for the past month. If anyone has been wondering why I haven’t called or written or texted it’s  because when I set a deadline, I hit a deadline. And because I was dying to share this story with everyone who has told me they are waiting for it. 

There is still some work to be done. I am shopping for a proofreader, working with the goddesses at Deranged Doctor Designs on a cover and having it beta read. But we will get there, my latest labor of love will be available as an e-book (at first) and I’m here to make the big announcement today. 

Mark your calendars.
To prepare you for this sequel to my debut novel I am going to be sharing the first few chapters of Burnouts, Geeks & Jesus Freaks: a love story on my blog.  Starting next Monday. This might inspire any of you sitting on the fence to read book one before book two (always works better that way). 
Then …. I will also post the first few chapters of Popstars on this blog in the weeks before the release. 
Finally … I will debut the cover for Popstars here, on my blog. 

In other words …. keep an eye on this blog.