Powerful Introvert Marketing: Collaboration

I don’t know about all other introverts, but I hate being the center of attention. My wedding was torture! I seriously wanted to stop the service and ask everyone to just talk to each other and stop looking at me. So you can imagine how difficult promoting myself is. The idea of contacting people I don’t know but would like to (double whammy unnerving) and then telling them about my writing (triple whammy) then asking them to read it and review or promote it in some way (we’re up to quad whammy now) is crazy hard for me. I’ve done it, but I’m sure I came off as the awkward, quivering fool that I felt like.

I’ve tried all sorts of ways to market my books with some success, but I know I could do better. Ironically, I’ve discovered a way to reach people, the movers and shakers I want to know, and do it in a way that I am completely comfortable with; I can do it with ease when I promote other people.

Twice recently opportunities have fallen into my lap where I wanted to tell the world about someone else’s work and how it influenced me in a positive way.

The first was a very cool lady who calls herself The Suburban Monk. She created the adorable smiling, thumbs-up Buddha statue shown above. I ordered two recently and she accidentally double sent my order (because she is a business owner who truly cares about her customers!) When she realized her mistake she told me to keep and share the extra two. My mind immediately went to doing a giveaway through my blog because I wanted to share my windfall and let others know about my little Syd (that’s his name) statue and how much it makes me smile. So, if you would like to win a perriwinkle or purple Syd, please follow this link to my Facebook page and enter to win him! Tell your friends and family to sign up too. I gotta tell you it’s hard not to smile every time you look at him. He comes in a bunch of cool colors so if you want gold or orange or another color check out her site.

The second opportunity came when an author I love and follow all over social media grabbed on to last week’s post on strong, silent women and added to it. I mentioned Lavinia Collins in my post so she read it (but that’s not why I mentioned her). As a history scholar she then wrote a post on her blog that added to mine. Here’s a link. If you are a history buff or feminist it is a must read. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to connect with another author and work off each other. For introverts, collaboration feels fantastic. The chance to shine along with another person feels so much better than being alone in a spotlight. My mind is still awash with places I want to share our combined article. I’m stoked to promote it in a way I would never be if it was me alone.

Since we are talking about marketing here, lets look at the nitty gritty–will I sell any books because of these two events? Truth–I have no idea and that really isn’t my point. Then how can it be marketing, you say. It is marketing because it’s a chance for me to meet new people and connect with them. I truly believe that people buy from people they know and like. So maybe some of the people I meet through these others will decide to look up my books. I’m listed everywhere as Karen Gordon, Author and hopefully it’s easy to find my books. If not, they may remember me when they are looking for a book in the future or want to recommend one to a friend. It’s not direct marketing, it’s not aggressive, it’s probably the very slow way around, but it works for me. I’m having a fantastic time. I’m juiced up about promoting others and my excitement is genuine. People can feel when you are promoting out of obligation and need, just slogging through it, or doing it with true fun and passion.

What marketing technique is working best for you? Do any feel better to do? Share your experience in the comments.

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page to win your own smiling, happy Syd to put on your desk or nightstand. Mine is cheering me on right now as I pass along the love.

Blatant Pandering

Everyday I check the statistics on Blogger to see how many people have visited my blog. (Sometimes, it’s more like every few minutes.)  I’m thrilled and fascinated by my audience. I can see that most of my readers are from the U.S. and probably from Facebook, but as of last week I had readers in Germany, France, Romania, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia and Venezuela.  I’m not sure how I got readers all over the world, how they found me, but I am thrilled about it.  
My blog has been growing steadily, which is great, but it’s time I put my businesswoman outfit on and do some marketing. (For the sake of argument, let’s pretend I’m wearing this fabulous Vivienne Westwood suit and not a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.)

In the month that I have been creating this blog I have discovered a few things about my audience  (And so much more about myself).  My readers are a discerning group who use social media, but not like people in their 30’s, 20’s or younger.  Time has taught me, and evidently many of you, the value of word of mouth.  You probably have your group of trusted friends who you know will steer you in the right direction for bargains, movies, books, etc.  

You are probably also have a Facebook account (which you might check once or twice a day), a Twitter account, and you occasionally find a few hours of your life missing after falling into a Pintrest black hole.  

So, in my really cool suit, I am humbly asking you to help me spread the word about my blog.

 Your friends value your opinion, so sharing on Facebook would probably have the most impact, but any social media or word of mouth would be appreciated.  Tweet me, Instagram me, Like me, Share me, link me (why is this starting to sound kinky?)

For my part, I will try to not let you or your friends down.  I will keep writing and posting.  I will try to entertain and inform you, make you think and make you laugh.  

I would love to hear from you too, any of you, all of you.  Tell me how you found me, what posts you like, anything you didn’t like.  I have opened up the comment feature so you do not have to link to an account to reply so that should make things easier.  

Whether you share or not, I want to sign off with a HUGE thank you to all my readers.  I know how busy you all are, so I truly appreciate it when you take a few minutes out of your day to read my post.