A Report From the Pub

After a crushing defeat yesterday, USA is out of the World Cup. It is a huge loss to lovers of this beautiful sport to no longer get a weekly dose (or two) of Graham Zusi sightings. So what do you say I throw in one more …

The good news is that he will reappear for your viewing enjoyment with Sporting Kansas City from now through October. While the home team may be out, there are still so many good reasons to keep watching. Not only is it a great excuse to hide out in an air conditioned pub and drink beer (or Jameson) with other fans, but the eye-candy festival will continue for your viewing enjoyment. 

 I’m now throwing my hat (beret) in with France. They were one of my four initial picks (based on hotness) and what do you know, they’re really good at playing futbol too.  It’s a win-win, or at least let’s hope it’s several wins so we can keep enjoying the French-accented beautiful men show. 

This Friday they play Germany. It’s a holiday so you have no excuse for not going to your local Irish or English pub for a few hours of unhealthy food, cold drinks and other fans to share your enthusiasm. Here’s a quick review of the players to keep an eye on during the game:

Hugo Lloris

Karim Benzima

Mathieu Debuchy

Olivier Giroud

Yohan Cabaye

 You’re welcome.


The Beautiful Month

I’ve posted about this major event before, but with so many fantastic things going on at once, I thought today would be a great day to remind all of you that the World Cup has started! 

 “Meh,” you say. “We’re Americans, we don’t watch futbol, we watch football.” OK, I get that for most of you it is called soccer, and it’s played by your kids on Saturday mornings. But stay with me and I’ll explain why you should check out futbol, and today is a great day to start. 

Team USA plays their first game today against Ghana (5 p.m. Central). Our odds of winning the Cup are really slim, so today is a great day to cheer for the home team. (They may not make it past the first round.) Of course it helps that the home team looks like this:

(Stay with me and you’ll see a trend here)
Yes, our hometown boys are hotties and all that eye-candy on the pitch (field) makes it so much nicer to ease yourself into “the beautiful sport”. It also helps that unlike football, futbol uniforms (kits) allow for optimum viewing of the beautiful players.

Now that I have your attention, let’s go over some of the other teams worth watching.

And they all have French accents (le sigh)

They won their first game against Honduras yesterday, which sets them (and us) up for a can’t-miss match with Switzerland on Friday. While they are not slated to win the Cup, they should make it to the second round (especially if they keep playing like yesterday). 


They won the last World Cup and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every game they played, because they can play (in addition to their obvious other skills.)


Another team that should at least make it to round two and do it with style. Their first game was against Italy and it was as beautiful as your are imagining. (They lost, but I’m not giving up hope). 

Truthfully I could go on and on with pages and pages of visual arguments as to why you should add World Cup games to your DVR list. Or even better, find a local pub with the games on the big screen and meet other futbol fans. Today’s the day to become part of this beautiful world party.

We’re going to Brazil!!

Well, OK, I’m not.  I can barely make it to the next big city let alone South America, but Team USA is going to the World Cup next summer!  By beating Mexico on Tuesday night we secured a spot in the tournament.  

If you are not already a soccer fan, you might not get the enormity of this news.  We are the underdogs.  Soccer is becoming more popular in the U.S., but compared the the rest of the world, the money and fan backing is still pretty small.  However, it is growing quickly. 

A few weeks ago I posted my guide to watching soccer (with lots of photos).  Today will be my guide to specifically watching team USA.  Here’s a few of the players I’ll be watching for:

Mix Diskerud                       Michael Parkhurst                         Matt Besler               Graham Zusi

 I’m sure they all have mad soccer skills, but hey, let’s face it, I’m cheering for the combo of eye candy and soccer playing.  

And there might be more on the way.  Our former team captain, Carlos Bocanegra, may still be added to the roster.  Some legal mumbo jumbo, contract something or other is keeping him off the roster right now.  This needs to be settled, because . . .

So, it may seem a little early to you, but I am ready to start getting my fan on.  We’ve got a few options for fan fashion styles.  

Option A                                           Option B

If you look a lot like the players on the field, then I suggest option A.  It’s minimal, but it works.  If you look a little more like fat Elvis, by all means, think about option B.  Out of sheer excitement I have started to create option C – cute tee shirts.  I created them on Spreadshirt.com.  Click on the shirt below to see both of my designs and my Spreadshirt shop.  (more tees to come, so check back often!)